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Get a slice of the action

With a unique and wide product range, we have a lot to offer! Our team are always open to conversations regarding new business, projects or events. Having a diverse customer base is something we are proud of as it means we are experienced in several sectors and spreading sunshine in many ways! Feel free to forward any questions you may have on the form below and a member of our team will contact you shortly.

Keeping it fresh

Freshness is very important to us. We go to great lengths of growing the best varieties for the best flavour, so ensuring it is fresh on arrival is vital. With orders confirmed prior to packing a single tomato, our supply chain works on the basis that we understand what you need and then pick it. Giving you the maximum time to use, sell or just eat your Isle of Wight tomato!

Spreading the sunshine

With many ways of reaching our UK customers, no region is out of reach. We understand also that a ‘one package fits all’ doesn’t always work for your business. So when it comes to distribution to your area, we work with you to find out what suits your business best.

Small team that is big on service

We are a relatively small team so we will all be on first name terms in no time! You won’t have to worry about being transferred from person to person. We have someone you can speak to on a regular basis who will have knowledge of your business, and be on hand with whatever you need.

Samantha Blake

Sales Account Manager

"Beautiful, quality products produced to share the amazing Isle of Wight sunshine, fresh and full of flavour. We pride ourselves on building positive, lasting relationships with our customers and working in partnership to bring the best to your business."

Don't just take our word for it...

"Simply the best tomatoes with excellent customer service"

Simon – Washingpool Farm Shop, Bridport

"Isle of Wight Tomatoes have been an inspiration to myself and my chefs who have been welcomed into their Greenhouses, the quality of the tomatoes are the most flavoursome and the consistency is first class. I have worked with Isle of Wight Tomatoes on my menus for almost 10 years now and long may it go on"

Andrew Parkinson – Head Chef at Glasshouse and Stables at The Grove

"The rock stars of the tomato world. We've been getting tomatoes from the Tomato Stall for years and in terms of service, quality and consistency - they are a delight."

Ben Pratt – Watson & Pratts, Lampeter, Wales

"One of the year's highlights is the receiving of the first delivery of "The Isle of Wight" tomatoes in Spring. Everybody is waiting, and asking, "when do those tomatoes start?" The quality, the service received, and especially the taste is outstanding. Second to none."

Nick Phipps - Fruit & Veg Manager Darts Farm, Topsham, Devon

"Southern Co-op started working with The Tomato Stall in 9 years ago. The quality of the product speaks for itself and this is reflected in the sales we see increasing year after year. Many of our customers remark that ‘this is how tomatoes used to taste' and are quite happy simply eating them as they come, sunshine in a punnet."

Kate Hibbert – Local Sourcing Manager, Southern Co-op – and tomato fiend!!!!!

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