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Tomatoes have been growing in the rich and fertile Arreton Valley for over 30 years. The Island’s unique maritime climate and our southern location on the Isle of Wight boasts some of the best sunshine levels in the UK, helping us grow some of Britain's tastiest tomatoes.

Firm roots

We started The Tomato Stall in 2007 to showcase the speciality organic and conventional tomato varieties grown on our Isle of Wight nursery and take them direct to the consumer.

This was a very exciting time, loading up our first transit van with tomatoes and making the journey to farmers’ markets in London. The reception the tomatoes received at the markets was overwhelming and, over time, we travelled far and wide trading at farmers’ markets all over the south and throughout central London including the now famous Borough Market.

Our range


Our entire growing system is completely biodegradable, from the coconut husk that our plants are grown in to the string that supports the plants. We compost all of our plant waste and use the resulting compost to enrich the soil of our organic crops the following year.

Having our own composting facility also gives us the opportunity to fine-tune the nutrient requirements for specific organic crops. This has helped to reduce fertiliser inputs, improve soil fertility and structure which results in more delicious tomatoes.

Nature friendly farming

We use natural predators to control pests, and the pollination of all our plants is done by a team of bumblebees that are native to the UK. We also carry the LEAF mark which works with farms to ensure that food is grown sustainably with care for the environment.

Award winning products

Encouraged by the fantastic feedback for our speciality tomatoes we began to experiment making a range of award winning unique tomato inspired products.

We now produce a wide range of products that encapsulate our 'flavour is foremost' ethos and of course all the products are completely additive and preservative free.

Passionate for all things tomato, we continue to grow and expand this range to bring our customers the next best thing.

Our people

Both of our head growers boast a wealth of experience and expertise (50 years combined). We grow a wide range of tomatoes both organically and conventionally, with up to 200 varieties of tomato grown and trialled each year. The search is always on for the next best tomato, and each variety is rigorously taste tested to ensure the best possible flavour.

Meet the team

Quality & taste assured

The Isle of Wight Tomatoes name is a mark of quality and our assurance to you that your taste buds will appreciate your choice. All of our tomatoes are left to ripen on the vine and picked at their peak of flavour, reaching you bursting with freshness and naturally sweet. From juicy beef varieties to delightful golden plums we pride ourselves in bringing you the most unique selection of tomatoes, with the finest quality & fullest flavours.

Our tomatoes


We are always looking to push the boundaries when it comes to tomatoes, with new products and flavour combinations always on our minds...

From oak smoked tomato balsamic to our famous sunshine juice, we continue our mission to find more ways to enhance and enjoy Isle of Wight tomatoes.

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