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This unique tomato is sweeter than the average large tomato and is extremely versatile.

Available May – October

Tasting notes

When the skin is dark green the taste is mild and the flesh firm, great for slicing. As it ripens to a chocolate brown it takes on a sweet and slightly spicy aroma, perfect for salads. Allowed to develop to a dark red tinge the fruit becomes juicier and acquires a very sweet flavour.

Originally developed in Spain and now grown by select speciality growers worldwide, Kumato tomatoes continue to be one of the most requested tomatoes we grow. Its unique flavour profile and distinctive colour make for a great centrepiece in any dish.

This variety thrives on the Isle of Wight with the higher levels of light we receive. When cut open, the contrast of the chocolate brown skin and deep red inner flesh looks stunning. We choose to grow this variety organically and in season from May – October. We recommend further ripening at home for maximum flavour & sweetness. Get slicing and adding to your favourite pastry tart not only for depth of flavour but for contrasting colour.