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Golden Classic Vine

Beautifully bright in colour with a distinctive fresh aroma and boasting full, vine ripened flavours this twist on the well-known classic tomato should not be overlooked.

Available from March – November

Tasting notes

Ideal as a healthy and tasty addition to a variety of dishes from sandwiches to salads, they will continue to ripen and improve if left on the vine at home.

A relatively new addition to the nursery, the golden classic vine brings a fresh twist on a classic variety. With slightly less acidity and more sweetness than its red counterpart, this shiny yellow fruit makes for a wonderful golden passata. Top tip is to get slicing and spread out on to a layer of puff pastry, along with some mozzarella & basil for a simple, tasty tart.

We leave our tomatoes on the vine for as long as we can to develop maximum flavour. These tomatoes can be harvested on plants reaching 13 metres tall & are in season from late March to November. Peak season is from June – September.