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Large, juicy tomatoes perfect for eating fresh these tomatoes offer spectacular flavours to match their size. Extremely versatile, they can be used in a variety of cooked dishes or seasoned and drizzled with olive oil for a simple but delicious salad.

Available all year

Tasting notes

As the name suggests, beef tomatoes are famous not only for their large size but also firm meaty structure. Isle of Wight beef tomato varieties are always selected solely for flavour. Although we grow several varieties here at our nursery, the main beef variety we grow 12 months of the year and will not be found growing commercially anywhere else in the UK or mainland Europe. The number of fruits yielding per plant are much less than that of a standard beef plant. This is because the process is complex to achieve consistent fruit, however, the sugar levels can be as much a double the standard. So worth the effort!

With so many variations of beef, the ways you can use this versatile fruit is vast! This is a perfect slicing tomato for impressive summer salads & accompaniment for burgers and sandwiches. Can stand up to bold flavours and offers a classic tomato flavour. With its rich juicy flavours, a beef tomato is always a natural choice for soups, sauces and salsas. Fantastic when stuffed roasted or grilled. Top tip is to empty the core of the beef tomatoes and blitz in blender, season with herbs, garlic or both and reduce down into a delicious sauce to accompany your stuffed beef tomato!