Isle of Wight Mushrooms

17th September 2020

Isle of Wight Mushrooms is a small team of dedicated and enthusiastic mushroom growers. They are based in Arreton on the Isle of Wight in a former dairy building nestled among our tomato glasshouses. Their aim is to grow the best quality exotic mushroom varieties including Lion’s Mane, Hen of the Woods , Golden Enoki, Shiitake and several types of oyster mushrooms: Grey, Yellow, King Oyster, White Elm, Brown Phoenix, Ivory and many more! They are proud to grow mushrooms that always deliver exceptional flavour and texture. Mushrooms are infamous for their versaltily so great for a multitude of recipes or as a replacement for meat.

Did you know mushrooms are also very beneficial to your wellbeing? There is plenty of information out there about the positive effects on your general health of consuming mushrooms and the Isle of Wight Mushroom team have put together some well known facts for you:

  • can boost your immune system and energy levels
  • lower your cholesterol
  • fight inflammation in your body
  • and provide antioxidants to fight cancer and disease

Also mushrooms have the added benefit of being low in calories, sodium & fat. Plus, are gluten-free and high in iron, protein, zinc, beneficial B-vitamins, and vitamin C and D, all of which are necessary to a balanced diet and health.

They believe the issue of protecting the environment we live in is very important to us as well so they try to be as conscious and efficient as possible in their use of energy and creation of waste. In additional to growing the best exotic mushrooms they also plan on growing several other culinary and medicinal varieties like Black Poplar (Shimeji), Chicken of the Woods, Cordyceps, Reishi and Turkey Tail so watch this space!

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