Introducing ChalkStream®. Producers of the finest English Trout

4th September 2020

Revered by fisherman everywhere The Test and Itchen Rivers in Hampshire is known as the spiritual home of upstream fly fishing for trout. Seen as two of the most iconic chalk streams in the world, the rivers rise equally in the North Hampshire Downs and the South Downs National Park to flow through some of Southern England's finest countryside before entering the English Channel.

Built on the sites of old water mills ChalkStream®️ has the only farms on the Test and Itchen Rivers producing trout for the table. Their small and dedicated team are passionate about growing ChalkStream®️ trout. Everyone who works on the farms is qualified in aquaculture and their managers are some of the longest serving in the industry. Their artisan-led approach ensures the fish are nurtured from hatchling to harvest using the best quality diet and highest standards of husbandry.

For more details on ChalkStream®️, just head to their website here.

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