Fruit Logistica 2020

12th February 2020

Fruit Logistica is a celebration of fresh produce. As one of the world’s largest fresh produce trade fairs, it is a showcase for almost every aspect of fruit and veg farming around the globe. It takes place in Berlin every year for 4 days at the start of February. The fair welcomes 3,200 exhibitors and almost 80,000 visitors.

Countries, their growing regions, companies and brands come to show off every type of fresh fruit and vegetable, innovation in areas including seed varieties, new farming and processing machinery, technology and logistics. Visitors come to discover the latest developments, to meet customers and suppliers and enjoy the signature currywurst with a pilsner.

More Tomatoes on Show

The global tomato crop is managing well with fluctuating trends and tastes. It is benefitting from increased interest in flexitarian or plant based diets and healthier eating while managing the threat of ToBRFV virus. Global consumption was worth US$190bn in 2018, up 6.5% from the previous year on volumes of 188 million tonnes. In the UK premium varieties continue to show growth with many shoppers choosing baby and vine tomatoes for flavour.

Tomatoes were promoted in lots of different ways at Fruit Logistica 2020. Variety, product characteristics, versatility and packaging were all explored in different ways. Tomatoes were marketed visually as wall art (framed tomatoes image), for taste as natural sweets (moyo image) and by Food Fellows as veggies for foodies (food fellows image). Intense focussed on its slicing characteristics (Intense image) and Stoffels on a variety of packaging ideas.

Stoffels showed tomatoes in paper bags with windows for premium brand Toma’Dor, that looked more like Ferrero Rafaello than a pack of tomatoes (image pack Stoffels); in TomaBox designed to look like sweets; and in dispensers to fill grab and go cups (Image Automato Stoffels).

More Yoom

Innovation in tomatoes took centre stage at this year’s Fruit Logistica. Yoom, a dark purple tomato variety bred by Syngenta, was voted winner of the Innovation Award by visitors to the show. The tomato was bred for taste, nutritional attributes and colour and claims a unique sweet/sour umami flavour. We’ll have to take their word for it as they had run out by the time we popped by.

The new tomato was also bred to have more flexible growing characteristics, including being suited to grow under artificial light, an important consideration in indoor farming. Indoor farming was one of the trade fair’s hot topics and the focus of a number of talks.

The crops growing in a pink light (pink and green leaves image), something that we already do at Isle of Wight Tomatoes, shows what the future of growing may look like.

For more information on Fruit Logistica, head to their website by clicking here

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