Omed Arbequina Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml

Product description

Uniquely placed close to the highest mountain of Spain, Sierra Nevada Granada, a family have created what we believe is the best extra virgin olive oil we could find to pair with our tomatoes. Omed is a 100% family owned, with four generations of family members fulling their dream to drive the business forward. Methods used to ensure excellence in their products include harvesting by night when temperatures are low, and also picking very early in the season when the olives are still very green. Sustainability is paramount for this company and we love the fact olive pits are used as energy to power the whole mill! Both oils we have selected to be part of our range are very unique. If you like your oil fruity and fresh, we recommend the Arbequina oil, made with young green olives. If you prefer your oil with a little more heat, the peppery flavour of the Piqual oil is the perfect choice for you.

Additional Tasting Notes: Its Aroma is reminiscent of fruits. Its taste has hints of apple and above all to green bananas. It is barely bitter. It is astringent as the green banana and green almond. Persistent pungency. Its COLOR is golden, green , clear and bright.

Care & storage

Recycled glass bottle is treated with a natural transparent pigment that has a 100% UV protection. Keep in a cool and dry place.

Ingredients & nutritional information

100% olive oil

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