500g Exotic Arreton Mushrooms

Product description

Isle of Wight Mushrooms is a small team of dedicated and enthusiastic mushroom growers. They are based in Arreton on the Isle of Wight in a former dairy building nestled among our own tomato glasshouses! Their aim is to grow the best quality exotic mushroom varieties including Lion’s Mane, Hen of the Woods , Golden Enoki, Shiitake and several types of oyster mushrooms: Grey, Yellow, King Oyster, White Elm, Brown Phoenix, Ivory and others.

We are pleased to offer their freshly harvested 500g Woodland Selection direct to your door. Your Woodland Selection will include a freshly picked mixture of the many varieties listed above which are available on the day. All you really need to do is chop, slice, rip or shred them up and sautée them in butter or oil for a great flavour. (You can even add a little water to the pan as their ‘exotics’ are not saturated with water during growing as is sometimes the case with conventional mushrooms).

Many other ingredients go well with these mushrooms too so, for an extra special stir-fry, try adding garlic, soy sauce, ginger, chilli, parsley and spring onion. The great flavour of these naturally grown mushrooms will always come through; your body will thank you! For more information just head here.

Shelf life - 7 days

Care & storage

Store loosely covered in the fridge

Please note during storage, spores may appear as white powder and are natural and harmless

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