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Green Tiger

The dark green colour and distinct zebra stripes ensure this tomato stands out in any dish.

Available May – October

Tasting notes

The flesh is bright green with a sweet and tangy taste. Although perfectly edible raw (once ripened), these tomatoes really come into their own when cooked and are ideal for roasting or making into chutney.

Green tiger tomatoes are a true tomato show stopper. Visually stunning with a delicate tangy flavour, this variety can often offer a great balance alongside super sweet varieties like piccolo or mini plum for a mixed tomato salad. Speciality varieties such as this are available between May – October, with plenty of inspiration on our Tomatopia page of how to get the most out of speciality varieties like this.

For best results kept out of the fridge, as with all your Isle of Wight tomatoes! Chilling breaks down the natural sugars & flavour within the tomato. We recommend 12-14 degrees storage temperature for optimum flavour.