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Classic Large Vine

Deep red in colour with a distinctive fresh aroma and boasting full, vine ripened flavours these well-known tomatoes should not be overlooked.

Available from late March – November

Tasting notes

Ideal as a healthy and tasty addition to a variety of dishes from sandwiches to salads, they will continue to ripen and improve if left on the vine at home.

Probably the most familiar of the tomato varieties, we have been growing this variety at our Isle of Wight nursery since the 90’s. A robust & consistent variety to grow that offers versatility and is always better when purchased on the vine. There are many different varieties of large vine available in the summer months, including organic. The flavour can vary considerably depending on the variety but as a rule the bigger they are, the lower the sugar levels. Some varieties grown in mainland Europe can produce 100kg of tomatoes/m2. In the UK and especially on the Isle of Wight, we accept lower yielding varieties which taste significantly better. We also leave our tomatoes on the vine for as long as we can to develop maximum flavour.

These tomatoes can be harvested on plants reaching 13 metres tall & are in season from late March to November. Peak season is from June – September. This classic large vine tomato has gained popularity over the years due to its versatility. Acidity and sweetness are not as high as smaller varieties, making it a good base for sauces and everyday favourites like sandwiches. Top tip is to get slicing and spread out on to a layer of puff pastry, along with some mozzarella & basil for a simple, tasty tart.